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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League One Playoffs 21/22

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Sky Bet League One Playoffs 21/22 Oldest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
21-May-2022Adebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo Akinfenwa

Wycombe Wanderers England10-May-198240(11)
08-May-2022Dean Lewington

Dean Lewington

Milton Keynes Dons England18-May-198437(355)
21-May-2022David Stockdale

David Stockdale

Wycombe Wanderers England20-Sep-198536(243)
21-May-2022Joe Jacobson

Joe Jacobson

Wycombe Wanderers Wales17-Nov-198635(186)
21-May-2022Garath McCleary

Garath McCleary

Wycombe Wanderers Jamaica15-May-198735(7)
09-May-2022Lee Gregory

Lee Gregory

Sheffield Wednesday England26-Aug-198833(256)
09-May-2022Sam Hutchinson

Sam Hutchinson

Sheffield Wednesday England03-Aug-198932(279)
21-May-2022Sam Vokes

Sam Vokes

Wycombe Wanderers Wales21-Oct-198932(212)
09-May-2022Barry Bannan

Barry Bannan

Sheffield Wednesday Scotland01-Dec-198932(159)
21-May-2022Corry Evans

Corry Evans

Sunderland Northern Ireland30-Jul-199031(295)
21-May-2022Danny Batth

Danny Batth

Sunderland England21-Sep-199031(242)
09-May-2022Marvin Johnson

Marvin Johnson

Sheffield Wednesday England01-Dec-199031(160)
09-May-2022Jack Hunt

Jack Hunt

Sheffield Wednesday England06-Dec-199031(154)
05-May-2022David Wheeler

David Wheeler

Wycombe Wanderers England01-Feb-199131(94)
09-May-2022Harlee Dean

Harlee Dean

Sheffield Wednesday England26-Jul-199130(288)
21-May-2022Ryan Tafazolli

Ryan Tafazolli

Wycombe Wanderers England28-Sep-199130(236)
06-May-2022Liam Palmer

Liam Palmer

Sheffield Wednesday Scotland19-Sep-199130(230)
09-May-2022Nathaniel Mendez-Laing

Nathaniel Mendez-Laing

Sheffield Wednesday England15-Apr-199230(24)
21-May-2022Bailey Wright

Bailey Wright

Sunderland Australia21-Jul-199229(304)
21-May-2022Daryl Horgan

Daryl Horgan

Wycombe Wanderers Republic of Ireland10-Aug-199229(284)
21-May-2022Anthony Stewart

Anthony Stewart

Wycombe Wanderers England18-Sep-199229(245)
09-May-2022Massimo Luongo

Massimo Luongo

Sheffield Wednesday Australia25-Oct-199229(196)
05-May-2022Joshua McEachran

Joshua McEachran

Milton Keynes Dons England01-Mar-199329(65)
21-May-2022Josh Scowen

Josh Scowen

Wycombe Wanderers England28-Mar-199329(54)
08-May-2022Connor Wickham

Connor Wickham

Milton Keynes Dons England31-Mar-199329(38)
21-May-2022Alex Pritchard

Alex Pritchard

Sunderland England03-May-199329(18)
09-May-2022Saido Berahino

Saido Berahino

Sheffield Wednesday Burundi04-Aug-199328(278)
21-May-2022Jordan Obita

Jordan Obita

Wycombe Wanderers England08-Dec-199328(164)
09-May-2022Josh Windass

Josh Windass

Sheffield Wednesday England09-Jan-199428(120)
08-May-2022Jack Grimmer

Jack Grimmer

Wycombe Wanderers Scotland01-Feb-199428(96)
21-May-2022Dominic Gape

Dominic Gape

Wycombe Wanderers England09-Sep-199427(254)
09-May-2022Callum Paterson

Callum Paterson

Sheffield Wednesday Scotland13-Oct-199427(208)
21-May-2022Luke O

Luke O'Nien

Sunderland England21-Nov-199427(181)
21-May-2022Jason McCarthy

Jason McCarthy

Wycombe Wanderers England07-Nov-199526(196)
21-May-2022Lynden Gooch

Lynden Gooch

Sunderland United States24-Dec-199526(149)
08-May-2022Hiram Boateng

Hiram Boateng

Milton Keynes Dons England08-Jan-199626(121)
09-May-2022George Byers

George Byers

Sheffield Wednesday Scotland29-May-199625(345)
21-May-2022Ross Stewart

Ross Stewart

Sunderland Scotland11-Jul-199625(314)
09-May-2022 Bailey Peacock-Farrell

Bailey Peacock-Farrell

Sheffield Wednesday Northern Ireland29-Oct-199625(192)
21-May-2022Patrick Roberts

Patrick Roberts

Sunderland England05-Feb-199725(105)
08-May-2022Tennai Watson

Tennai Watson

Milton Keynes Dons England04-Mar-199725(65)
21-May-2022Brandon Hanlan

Brandon Hanlan

Wycombe Wanderers England31-May-199724(355)
09-May-2022Jordan Storey

Jordan Storey

Sheffield Wednesday England02-Sep-199724(249)
21-May-2022Nathan Broadhead

Nathan Broadhead

Sunderland Wales05-Apr-199824(46)
08-May-2022Daniel Harvie

Daniel Harvie

Milton Keynes Dons Scotland14-Jul-199823(298)
08-May-2022Daniel Kemp

Daniel Kemp

Milton Keynes Dons England11-Jan-199923(117)
21-May-2022Elliot Embleton

Elliot Embleton

Sunderland England02-Apr-199923(49)
08-May-2022Warren O

Warren O'Hora

Milton Keynes Dons Republic of Ireland19-Apr-199923(19)
08-May-2022Scott Twine

Scott Twine

Milton Keynes Dons England14-Jul-199922(299)
08-May-2022Harry Darling

Harry Darling

Milton Keynes Dons England08-Aug-199922(274)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).