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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 22/23

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Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 22/23 Oldest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
20-May-2023Matt Derbyshire

Matt Derbyshire

Bradford City England14-Apr-198637(36)
20-May-2023Adrian Mariappa

Adrian Mariappa

Salford City Jamaica03-Oct-198636(229)
28-May-2023Paul Huntington

Paul Huntington

Carlisle United England17-Sep-198735(254)
28-May-2023Joe Garner

Joe Garner

Carlisle United England12-Apr-198835(46)
28-May-2023Ben Hinchliffe

Ben Hinchliffe

Stockport County England09-Oct-198834(231)
28-May-2023Chris Hussey

Chris Hussey

Stockport County England02-Jan-198934(146)
20-May-2023Adam Clayton

Adam Clayton

Bradford City England14-Jan-198934(126)
20-May-2023Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Salford City England07-Jun-198933(347)
28-May-2023Patrick Madden

Patrick Madden

Stockport County Republic of Ireland04-Mar-199033(85)
28-May-2023Kristian Dennis

Kristian Dennis

Carlisle United England12-Mar-199033(77)
20-May-2023Andy Cook

Andy Cook

Bradford City England18-Oct-199032(214)
20-May-2023Matthew Lund

Matthew Lund

Salford City Northern Ireland21-Nov-199032(180)
20-May-2023Richard Smallwood

Richard Smallwood

Bradford City England29-Dec-199032(142)
20-May-2023Liam Ridehalgh

Liam Ridehalgh

Bradford City England20-Apr-199132(30)
28-May-2023Tomas Holy

Tomas Holy

Carlisle United Czech Republic10-Dec-199131(170)
28-May-2023Antoni Sarcevic

Antoni Sarcevic

Stockport County England13-Mar-199231(75)
20-May-2023Conor McAleny

Conor McAleny

Salford City England12-Aug-199230(281)
20-May-2023Alex Cairns

Alex Cairns

Salford City England04-Jan-199330(136)
28-May-2023Neill Byrne

Neill Byrne

Stockport County Republic of Ireland02-Feb-199330(115)
20-May-2023Jamie Walker

Jamie Walker

Bradford City Scotland25-Jun-199329(329)
28-May-2023Ryan Croasdale

Ryan Croasdale

Stockport County England26-Sep-199428(244)
28-May-2023Myles Hippolyte

Myles Hippolyte

Stockport County England09-Nov-199428(200)
20-May-2023Liam Shephard

Liam Shephard

Salford City Wales22-Nov-199428(179)
20-May-2023Ibou Touray

Ibou Touray

Salford City England24-Dec-199428(147)
20-May-2023Bradley Halliday

Bradley Halliday

Bradford City England10-Jul-199527(314)
28-May-2023Callum Camps

Callum Camps

Stockport County Northern Ireland30-Nov-199527(179)
20-May-2023Alex Gilliead

Alex Gilliead

Bradford City England11-Feb-199627(98)
20-May-2023Stephen Mallan

Stephen Mallan

Salford City Scotland25-Mar-199627(55)
28-May-2023Akil Wright

Akil Wright

Stockport County England13-May-199627(14)
28-May-2023Omari Patrick

Omari Patrick

Carlisle United England24-May-199627(3)
28-May-2023Kyle Knoyle

Kyle Knoyle

Stockport County England24-Sep-199626(246)
20-May-2023Emmanuel Osadebe

Emmanuel Osadebe

Bradford City Republic of Ireland01-Oct-199626(231)
20-May-2023Ben Barclay

Ben Barclay

Carlisle United England07-Oct-199626(225)
28-May-2023Fraser Horsfall

Fraser Horsfall

Stockport County England12-Nov-199626(197)
28-May-2023Callum Guy

Callum Guy

Carlisle United England25-Nov-199626(184)
20-May-2023Theo Vassell

Theo Vassell

Salford City England02-Jan-199726(138)
28-May-2023Connor Lemonheigh-Evans

Connor Lemonheigh-Evans

Stockport County Wales24-Jan-199726(124)
20-May-2023Shane McLoughlin

Shane McLoughlin

Salford City Republic of Ireland01-Mar-199726(80)
28-May-2023Will Collar

Will Collar

Stockport County England14-Jul-199725(318)
28-May-2023Jon Mellish

Jon Mellish

Carlisle United England19-Sep-199725(251)
20-May-2023Matthew Platt

Matthew Platt

Bradford City England03-Oct-199725(229)
28-May-2023Corey Whelan

Corey Whelan

Carlisle United Republic of Ireland10-Dec-199725(169)
20-May-2023Callum Hendry

Callum Hendry

Salford City Scotland08-Dec-199725(163)
20-May-2023Harry Lewis

Harry Lewis

Bradford City England20-Dec-199725(151)
28-May-2023Owen Moxon

Owen Moxon

Carlisle United England17-Jan-199825(131)
28-May-2023Jordan Gibson

Jordan Gibson

Carlisle United England26-Feb-199825(91)
20-May-2023Ryan East

Ryan East

Bradford City England08-Jul-199824(316)
14-May-2023Ciaran Kelly

Ciaran Kelly

Bradford City Republic of Ireland04-Jul-199824(314)
20-May-2023Sam Stubbs

Sam Stubbs

Bradford City England20-Nov-199824(181)
20-May-2023Romoney Crichlow-Noble

Romoney Crichlow-Noble

Bradford City England03-Mar-199924(78)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).