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Club Statistics for Carling Nations Cup 2011

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Carling Nations Cup 2011 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
24-May-2011Josh Carson

Josh Carson

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland03-Jun-199317(355)
27-May-2011Carl Winchester

Carl Winchester

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland12-Apr-199318(45)
09-Feb-2011Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland28-Sep-199218(134)
24-May-2011Johnny Gorman

Johnny Gorman

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland26-Oct-199218(210)
09-Feb-2011Danny Wilson

Danny Wilson

Scotland Scotland27-Dec-199119(44)
09-Feb-2011Lee Hodson

Lee Hodson

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland02-Oct-199119(130)
25-May-2011Adam Matthews

Adam Matthews

Wales Wales13-Jan-199219(132)
25-May-2011Grant Hanley

Grant Hanley

Scotland Scotland20-Nov-199119(186)
09-Feb-2011Oliver Norwood

Oliver Norwood

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland12-Apr-199119(303)
09-Feb-2011Liam Boyce

Liam Boyce

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland08-Apr-199119(307)
29-May-2011James Forrest

James Forrest

Scotland Scotland07-Jul-199119(326)
25-May-2011Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey

Wales Wales26-Dec-199020(150)
09-Feb-2011Corry Evans

Corry Evans

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland30-Jul-199020(194)
09-Feb-2011Barry Bannan

Barry Bannan

Scotland Scotland01-Dec-198921(70)
08-Feb-2011Ciaran Clark

Ciaran Clark

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland26-Sep-198921(135)
24-May-2011Josh McQuoid

Josh McQuoid

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland15-Dec-198921(160)
08-Feb-2011Chris Gunter

Chris Gunter

Wales Wales21-Jul-198921(202)
25-May-2011Sam Vokes

Sam Vokes

Wales Wales21-Oct-198921(216)
08-Feb-2011Hal Robson-Kanu

Hal Robson-Kanu

Wales Wales21-May-198921(263)
27-May-2011Jordan Owens

Jordan Owens

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland09-Jul-198921(322)
09-Feb-2011Chris Maguire

Chris Maguire

Scotland Scotland16-Jan-198922(24)
08-Feb-2011Simon Church

Simon Church

Wales Wales10-Dec-198822(60)
08-Feb-2011Neal Eardley

Neal Eardley

Wales Wales06-Nov-198822(94)
08-Feb-2011Andy King

Andy King

Wales Wales29-Oct-198822(102)
24-May-2011Craig Cathcart

Craig Cathcart

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland06-Feb-198922(107)
25-May-2011Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor

Wales Wales07-Feb-198922(107)
08-Feb-2011Seamus Coleman

Seamus Coleman

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland11-Oct-198822(120)
25-May-2011Darcy Blake

Darcy Blake

Wales Wales13-Dec-198822(163)
08-Feb-2011Lewin Nyatanga

Lewin Nyatanga

Wales Wales18-Aug-198822(174)
27-May-2011Jack Collison

Jack Collison

Wales Wales02-Oct-198822(237)
24-May-2011Keith Treacy

Keith Treacy

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland13-Sep-198822(253)
24-May-2011Robert Garrett

Robert Garrett

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland05-May-198823(18)
08-Feb-2011Darron Gibson

Darron Gibson

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland25-Oct-198723(106)
09-Feb-2011James McArthur

James McArthur

Scotland Scotland07-Oct-198723(125)
09-Feb-2011Robert Snodgrass

Robert Snodgrass

Scotland Scotland07-Sep-198723(155)
25-May-2011David Cotterill

David Cotterill

Wales Wales04-Dec-198723(172)
08-Feb-2011Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland17-Aug-198723(175)
09-Feb-2011Niall McGinn

Niall McGinn

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland20-Jul-198723(204)
09-Feb-2011Rory McArdle

Rory McArdle

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland01-May-198723(284)
08-Feb-2011Darren O

Darren O'Dea

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland04-Feb-198724(4)
08-Feb-2011Wayne Hennessey

Wayne Hennessey

Wales Wales24-Jan-198724(15)
08-Feb-2011Joe Ledley

Joe Ledley

Wales Wales21-Jan-198724(18)
09-Feb-2011Jonathan Tuffey

Jonathan Tuffey

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland20-Jan-198724(20)
24-May-2011Simon Cox

Simon Cox

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland28-Apr-198724(26)
09-Feb-2011Steven Naismith

Steven Naismith

Scotland Scotland14-Sep-198624(148)
09-Feb-2011James Morrison

James Morrison

Scotland Scotland25-May-198624(260)
08-Feb-2011Andrew Keogh

Andrew Keogh

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland16-May-198624(268)
25-May-2011Ross McCormack

Ross McCormack

Scotland Scotland18-Aug-198624(280)
09-Feb-2011Charlie Adam

Charlie Adam

Scotland Scotland10-Dec-198525(61)
24-May-2011Paul McShane

Paul McShane

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland06-Jan-198625(138)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).