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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League One Playoffs 15/16

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Sky Bet League One Playoffs 15/16 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
14-May-2016Harry Chapman

Harry Chapman

Barnsley England05-Nov-199718(191)
14-May-2016Rico Henry

Rico Henry

Walsall England08-Jul-199718(311)
29-May-2016Fred Onyedinma

Fred Onyedinma

Millwall England24-Nov-199619(186)
15-May-2016Josh Cullen

Josh Cullen

Bradford City Republic of Ireland07-Apr-199620(38)
14-May-2016Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney

Barnsley England14-Feb-199620(90)
14-May-2016Josh Brownhill

Josh Brownhill

Barnsley England19-Dec-199520(147)
14-May-2016Ashley Fletcher

Ashley Fletcher

Barnsley England02-Oct-199520(225)
15-May-2016Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson

Millwall England03-Oct-199520(225)
19-May-2016Jak McCourt

Jak McCourt

Barnsley England06-Jul-199520(318)
14-May-2016Jordy Hiwula

Jordy Hiwula

Walsall England21-Sep-199421(236)
15-May-2016Lee Evans

Lee Evans

Bradford City Wales24-Jul-199421(296)
14-May-2016Kieron Morris

Kieron Morris

Walsall England03-Jun-199421(346)
14-May-2016Alfie Mawson

Alfie Mawson

Barnsley England19-Jan-199422(116)
14-May-2016Anthony Forde

Anthony Forde

Walsall Republic of Ireland16-Nov-199322(180)
15-May-2016Jordan Archer

Jordan Archer

Millwall Scotland12-Apr-199323(33)
14-May-2016Josh Scowen

Josh Scowen

Barnsley England28-Mar-199323(47)
14-May-2016George B Williams

George B Williams

Barnsley England17-Feb-199323(86)
14-May-2016Lloyd Isgrove

Lloyd Isgrove

Barnsley Wales12-Jan-199323(122)
14-May-2016Milan Lalkovic

Milan Lalkovic

Walsall Slovakia09-Nov-199223(186)
14-May-2016Tom Bradshaw

Tom Bradshaw

Walsall Wales27-Jul-199223(291)
14-May-2016Adam Davies (GK)

Adam Davies (GK)

Barnsley Wales17-Jul-199223(301)
15-May-2016Jamie Proctor

Jamie Proctor

Bradford City England25-Mar-199224(51)
19-May-2016Sam Mantom

Sam Mantom

Walsall England20-Feb-199224(89)
14-May-2016Romaine Sawyers

Romaine Sawyers

Walsall England02-Nov-199124(194)
14-May-2016Paul Downing

Paul Downing

Walsall England26-Oct-199124(201)
14-May-2016Aidan White

Aidan White

Barnsley Republic of Ireland10-Oct-199124(217)
15-May-2016Shane Ferguson

Shane Ferguson

Millwall Northern Ireland12-Jul-199124(308)
14-May-2016Conor Hourihane

Conor Hourihane

Barnsley Republic of Ireland02-Feb-199125(102)
14-May-2016Sam Winnall

Sam Winnall

Barnsley England19-Jan-199125(116)
29-May-2016Marley Watkins

Marley Watkins

Barnsley Wales17-Oct-199025(225)
14-May-2016Marc Roberts

Marc Roberts

Barnsley England26-Jul-199025(293)
14-May-2016Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook

Walsall England20-Mar-199026(56)
14-May-2016Neil Etheridge

Neil Etheridge

Walsall Philippines07-Feb-199026(97)
15-May-2016Mark Beevers

Mark Beevers

Millwall England21-Nov-198926(176)
15-May-2016Joe Martin

Joe Martin

Millwall England29-Nov-198827(167)
15-May-2016Stephen Darby

Stephen Darby

Bradford City England06-Oct-198827(221)
15-May-2016Lee Gregory

Lee Gregory

Millwall England26-Aug-198827(262)
15-May-2016Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

Bradford City England23-Jul-198827(296)
15-May-2016James Meredith

James Meredith

Bradford City Australia04-Apr-198828(41)
14-May-2016Adam Hammill

Adam Hammill

Barnsley England25-Jan-198828(110)
15-May-2016Steven Davies

Steven Davies

Bradford City England29-Dec-198728(138)
20-May-2016Billy Clarke

Billy Clarke

Bradford City Republic of Ireland13-Dec-198728(159)
15-May-2016Kyel Reid

Kyel Reid

Bradford City England26-Nov-198728(171)
14-May-2016Jason Demetriou

Jason Demetriou

Walsall Cyprus18-Nov-198728(178)
15-May-2016Rory McArdle

Rory McArdle

Bradford City Northern Ireland01-May-198729(15)
15-May-2016Byron Webster

Byron Webster

Millwall England31-Mar-198729(46)
15-May-2016Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Millwall England20-Dec-198629(147)
15-May-2016Shaun Williams

Shaun Williams

Millwall Republic of Ireland19-Oct-198629(209)
15-May-2016Anthony McMahon

Anthony McMahon

Bradford City England24-Mar-198630(53)
19-May-2016Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

Walsall England14-Mar-198630(67)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).