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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 21/22

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Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 21/22 Oldest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
28-May-2022James Perch

James Perch

Mansfield Town England28-Sep-198536(242)
28-May-2022Stephen Quinn

Stephen Quinn

Mansfield Town Republic of Ireland01-Apr-198636(57)
19-May-2022Mathieu Baudry

Mathieu Baudry

Swindon Town France24-Feb-198834(85)
28-May-2022John-Joe O

John-Joe O'Toole

Mansfield Town Republic of Ireland30-Sep-198833(240)
28-May-2022Lucas Akins

Lucas Akins

Mansfield Town England25-Feb-198933(92)
28-May-2022Jamie Murphy

Jamie Murphy

Mansfield Town Scotland28-Aug-198932(273)
28-May-2022Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin

Port Vale England29-Sep-198932(241)
18-May-2022Joseph Mills

Joseph Mills

Northampton Town England30-Oct-198932(200)
28-May-2022David Worrall

David Worrall

Port Vale England12-Jun-199031(350)
28-May-2022Stephen McLaughlin

Stephen McLaughlin

Mansfield Town Republic of Ireland14-Jun-199031(349)
28-May-2022Jordan Bowery

Jordan Bowery

Mansfield Town England02-Jul-199130(331)
28-May-2022Thomas Pett

Thomas Pett

Port Vale England03-Dec-199130(177)
28-May-2022Jamie Proctor

Jamie Proctor

Port Vale England25-Mar-199230(64)
28-May-2022Ollie Hawkins

Ollie Hawkins

Mansfield Town England08-Apr-199230(50)
19-May-2022Ben Gladwin

Ben Gladwin

Swindon Town England08-Jun-199229(345)
18-May-2022Ollie Clarke

Ollie Clarke

Mansfield Town England29-Jun-199229(323)
18-May-2022Jon Guthrie

Jon Guthrie

Northampton Town England01-Feb-199329(106)
18-May-2022Sam Hoskins

Sam Hoskins

Northampton Town England04-Feb-199329(103)
28-May-2022Connor Hall

Connor Hall

Port Vale England23-May-199329(5)
19-May-2022Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

Swindon Town Wales09-Oct-199328(222)
28-May-2022Malvind Benning

Malvind Benning

Port Vale England02-Nov-199328(207)
14-May-2022Jonathan Maxted

Jonathan Maxted

Northampton Town England26-Oct-199328(200)
14-May-2022Danny Rose

Danny Rose

Northampton Town England10-Dec-199328(155)
28-May-2022Elliott Hewitt

Elliott Hewitt

Mansfield Town Wales30-May-199427(363)
19-May-2022Jack Payne

Jack Payne

Swindon Town England25-Oct-199427(206)
18-May-2022Liam Roberts

Liam Roberts

Northampton Town England22-Nov-199427(177)
28-May-2022Rhys Oates

Rhys Oates

Mansfield Town England04-Dec-199427(175)
18-May-2022Mitchell Pinnock

Mitchell Pinnock

Northampton Town England12-Dec-199427(157)
18-May-2022Kieran Wallace

Kieran Wallace

Mansfield Town England26-Jan-199527(112)
18-May-2022Jack Sowerby

Jack Sowerby

Northampton Town England23-Mar-199527(56)
28-May-2022James Wilson

James Wilson

Port Vale England01-Dec-199526(179)
19-May-2022Dion Conroy

Dion Conroy

Swindon Town England01-Dec-199526(170)
28-May-2022George Maris

George Maris

Mansfield Town England06-Mar-199626(83)
28-May-2022Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith

Port Vale England03-Apr-199626(55)
28-May-2022Henry Charsley

Henry Charsley

Port Vale Republic of Ireland01-Nov-199625(208)
18-May-2022Fraser Horsfall

Fraser Horsfall

Northampton Town England12-Nov-199625(187)
28-May-2022Ben Garrity

Ben Garrity

Port Vale England21-Feb-199725(96)
19-May-2022Lewis Ward

Lewis Ward

Swindon Town England05-Mar-199725(75)
19-May-2022Harry McKirdy

Harry McKirdy

Swindon Town England29-Mar-199725(51)
19-May-2022Louis Reed

Louis Reed

Swindon Town England25-Jul-199724(298)
19-May-2022Mandela Egbo

Mandela Egbo

Swindon Town England17-Aug-199724(275)
19-May-2022Ellis Iandolo

Ellis Iandolo

Swindon Town England22-Aug-199724(270)
18-May-2022George Lapslie

George Lapslie

Mansfield Town England05-Sep-199724(255)
28-May-2022James Gibbons

James Gibbons

Port Vale England16-Mar-199824(73)
18-May-2022Shaun McWilliams

Shaun McWilliams

Northampton Town England14-Aug-199823(277)
28-May-2022Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor

Port Vale England08-Sep-199823(262)
18-May-2022Josh Eppiah

Josh Eppiah

Northampton Town Belgium01-Oct-199823(229)
18-May-2022Louis Appere

Louis Appere

Northampton Town Scotland26-Mar-199923(53)
28-May-2022Aidan Stone

Aidan Stone

Port Vale England20-Jul-199922(313)
18-May-2022Ali Koiki

Ali Koiki

Northampton Town England22-Aug-199922(270)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).