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Club Statistics for RSC Anderlecht , UEFA Europa League 16/17

RSC Anderlecht

RSC Anderlecht

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UEFA Europa League 16/17 RSC Anderlecht Player standing - Round of 16

Players Clubs Position Total Goals A Yellow Card Red and Yellow Card Red Card Start Sub CO Off Pen S Pen SV Pen M Pen C OG More
Nikolae StanciuRSC AnderlechtMidfielder210000200200000
Alexandru ChipciuRSC AnderlechtForward201100200200000
RubenRSC AnderlechtGoalkeeper200000200000000
Dennis AppiahRSC AnderlechtMidfielder200100200000000
Leander DendonckerRSC AnderlechtMidfielder200000200000000
Uros SpajicRSC AnderlechtDefender200100200000000
Sofiane HanniRSC AnderlechtForward200000200000000
Andy NajarRSC AnderlechtMidfielder200100200000000
Lukasz TeodorczykRSC AnderlechtForward200000200200000
Youri TielemansRSC AnderlechtMidfielder200000200000000
Frank AcheapongRSC AnderlechtMidfielder210000022000000
Massimo BrunoRSC AnderlechtForward200000022000000
Isaac Kiese ThelinRSC AnderlechtForward200100022000000
Kara MbodjiRSC AnderlechtMidfielder100100100000000
Bram NuytinckRSC AnderlechtDefender100000110000000
Frank BoeckxRSC AnderlechtGoalkeeper000000020000000
Diego CapelRSC AnderlechtMidfielder000000010000000
Ivan ObradovicRSC AnderlechtDefender000000020000000
Olivier DeschachtRSC AnderlechtDefender000000020000000

A = Assists,

CS = Clean sheets Full

Sub = Started as a sub,

CO = Came on,

Off = Taken off,

S = Scored,

M = Missed,

Total = Total appearances,

OG = Own goals.