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Club Statistics for CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015

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CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
27-Jul-2015Michael Seaton

Michael Seaton

Jamaica Jamaica01-May-199619(86)
09-Jul-2015Cyle Larin

Cyle Larin

Canada Canada17-Apr-199520(83)
23-Jul-2015Alfredo Stephens

Alfredo Stephens

Panama Panama25-Dec-199420(210)
09-Jul-2015Samuel Piette

Samuel Piette

Canada Canada12-Nov-199420(239)
14-Jul-2015Alvas Powell

Alvas Powell

Jamaica Jamaica18-Jul-199420(361)
12-Jul-2015Daniel Luis

Daniel Luis

Cuba Cuba11-May-199421(62)
08-Jul-2015Duckens Nazon

Duckens Nazon

Haiti Haiti17-Apr-199421(82)
25-Jul-2015Darwin Pinzon

Darwin Pinzon

Panama Panama02-Apr-199421(114)
12-Jul-2015Andy Vaquero

Andy Vaquero

Cuba Cuba12-Mar-199421(122)
12-Jul-2015Adrian Diz

Adrian Diz

Cuba Cuba04-Mar-199421(130)
08-Jul-2015Abdiel Arroyo

Abdiel Arroyo

Panama Panama13-Dec-199321(207)
08-Jul-2015Bryan Acosta

Bryan Acosta

Honduras Honduras24-Nov-199321(226)
14-Jul-2015Miguel Camargo

Miguel Camargo

Panama Panama05-Sep-199321(312)
12-Jul-2015Jairo Henriquez

Jairo Henriquez

El Salvador El Salvador31-Aug-199321(315)
08-Jul-2015DeAndre Yedlin

DeAndre Yedlin

United States United States09-Jul-199321(364)
09-Jul-2015David Ramirez

David Ramirez

Costa Rica Costa Rica28-May-199322(42)
08-Jul-2015Choco Lozano

Choco Lozano

Honduras Honduras25-Apr-199322(74)
08-Jul-2015Andy Najar

Andy Najar

Honduras Honduras16-Mar-199322(114)
13-Jul-2015Brandon de Leon

Brandon de Leon

Guatemala Guatemala20-Mar-199322(115)
12-Jul-2015Maikel Reyes

Maikel Reyes

Cuba Cuba04-Mar-199322(130)
08-Jul-2015John Anthony Brooks

John Anthony Brooks

United States United States28-Jan-199322(161)
10-Jul-2015Jesus Manuel Corona

Jesus Manuel Corona

Mexico Mexico06-Jan-199322(185)
08-Jul-2015Henry Figueroa

Henry Figueroa

Honduras Honduras28-Dec-199222(192)
09-Jul-2015Russell Teibert

Russell Teibert

Canada Canada22-Dec-199222(199)
09-Jul-2015Jonathan Osorio

Jonathan Osorio

Canada Canada06-Dec-199222(215)
10-Jul-2015Jorge Aparicio

Jorge Aparicio

Guatemala Guatemala21-Nov-199222(231)
09-Jul-2015Deyver Vega

Deyver Vega

Costa Rica Costa Rica19-Sep-199222(293)
10-Jul-2015Diego Reyes

Diego Reyes

Mexico Mexico19-Sep-199222(294)
09-Jul-2015Kemar Lawrence

Kemar Lawrence

Jamaica Jamaica17-Sep-199222(295)
08-Jul-2015Ventura Alvarado

Ventura Alvarado

United States United States16-Aug-199222(326)
08-Jul-2015Jeff Louis

Jeff Louis

Haiti Haiti08-Aug-199222(334)
12-Jul-2015Dario Suarez

Dario Suarez

Cuba Cuba08-Aug-199222(338)
10-Jul-2015Cordell Cato

Cordell Cato

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago16-Jul-199222(359)
19-Jul-2015Michael Hector

Michael Hector

Jamaica Jamaica19-Jul-199222(365)
12-Jul-2015Francisco Calvo

Francisco Calvo

Costa Rica Costa Rica08-Jul-199223(3)
09-Jul-2015Alexander Larin

Alexander Larin

El Salvador El Salvador27-Jun-199223(11)
09-Jul-2015Joel Campbell

Joel Campbell

Costa Rica Costa Rica26-Jun-199223(12)
10-Jul-2015Elias Vasquez

Elias Vasquez

Guatemala Guatemala18-Jun-199223(21)
15-Jul-2015Karl Ouimette

Karl Ouimette

Canada Canada18-Jun-199223(26)
08-Jul-2015Kervens Belfort

Kervens Belfort

Haiti Haiti16-May-199223(52)
16-Jul-2015Dwayne James

Dwayne James

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago15-May-199223(61)
15-Jul-2015Maxim Tissott

Maxim Tissott

Canada Canada13-Apr-199223(92)
10-Jul-2015Kendell Herrarte

Kendell Herrarte

Guatemala Guatemala06-Apr-199223(94)
09-Jul-2015Tesho Akindele

Tesho Akindele

Canada Canada31-Mar-199223(99)
12-Jul-2015Dustin Corea

Dustin Corea

El Salvador El Salvador21-Mar-199223(112)
10-Jul-2015Moises Hernandez

Moises Hernandez

Guatemala United States05-Mar-199223(126)
08-Jul-2015Harold Cummings

Harold Cummings

Panama Panama01-Mar-199223(128)
14-Jul-2015Rubilio Castillo

Rubilio Castillo

Honduras Honduras26-Nov-199123(230)
10-Jul-2015Carlos Mejia

Carlos Mejia

Guatemala Guatemala13-Nov-199123(239)
09-Jul-2015Elias Aguilar

Elias Aguilar

Costa Rica Costa Rica07-Nov-199123(244)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).