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Club Statistics for Sky Bet Championship Playoffs 22/23

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Sky Bet Championship Playoffs 22/23 Oldest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
27-May-2023Kyle McFadzean

Kyle McFadzean

Coventry City England22-Feb-198736(94)
27-May-2023Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly

Coventry City Scotland10-Feb-199033(106)
27-May-2023Matthew Godden

Matthew Godden

Coventry City England29-Jul-199131(302)
17-May-2023Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith

Middlesbrough England14-Apr-199231(33)
27-May-2023Luke Berry

Luke Berry

Luton Town England12-Jul-199230(319)
27-May-2023Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Coventry City England09-Aug-199230(291)
27-May-2023Jake Bidwell

Jake Bidwell

Coventry City England21-Mar-199330(67)
16-May-2023Alex Pritchard

Alex Pritchard

Sunderland England03-May-199330(13)
27-May-2023Pelly Ruddock

Pelly Ruddock

Luton Town England17-Jul-199329(314)
27-May-2023Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark

Luton Town England22-Sep-199329(247)
27-May-2023Marvelous Nakamba

Marvelous Nakamba

Luton Town Zimbabwe19-Jan-199429(128)
17-May-2023Matt Crooks

Matt Crooks

Middlesbrough England20-Jan-199429(117)
17-May-2023Darragh Lenihan

Darragh Lenihan

Middlesbrough Republic of Ireland16-Mar-199429(62)
27-May-2023Daniel Potts

Daniel Potts

Luton Town England13-Apr-199429(44)

Amari'i Bell

Luton Town Jamaica05-May-199429(22)
16-May-2023Luke O

Luke O'Nien

Sunderland England21-Nov-199428(176)
27-May-2023Tom Lockyer

Tom Lockyer

Luton Town Wales03-Dec-199428(175)
27-May-2023Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen

Coventry City England29-Jan-199528(118)
17-May-2023Alex Mowatt

Alex Mowatt

Middlesbrough England13-Feb-199528(93)
17-May-2023Zack Steffen

Zack Steffen

Middlesbrough United States02-Apr-199528(45)
17-May-2023Paddy McNair

Paddy McNair

Middlesbrough Northern Ireland27-Apr-199528(20)
27-May-2023Ethan Horvath

Ethan Horvath

Luton Town United States09-Jun-199527(352)
27-May-2023Fankaty Dabo

Fankaty Dabo

Coventry City England11-Oct-199527(228)
17-May-2023Chuba Akpom

Chuba Akpom

Middlesbrough England09-Oct-199527(220)
27-May-2023Carlton Morris

Carlton Morris

Luton Town England16-Dec-199527(162)
16-May-2023Lynden Gooch

Lynden Gooch

Sunderland United States24-Dec-199527(143)
13-May-2023Reece Burke

Reece Burke

Luton Town England02-Sep-199626(253)
17-May-2023Anfernee Dijksteel

Anfernee Dijksteel

Middlesbrough Netherlands27-Oct-199626(202)
27-May-2023Kasey Palmer

Kasey Palmer

Coventry City England09-Nov-199626(199)
27-May-2023Fred Onyedinma

Fred Onyedinma

Luton Town England24-Nov-199626(184)
17-May-2023Daniel Barlaser

Daniel Barlaser

Middlesbrough England18-Jan-199726(119)
16-May-2023Patrick Roberts

Patrick Roberts

Sunderland England05-Feb-199726(100)
27-May-2023Gustavo Hamer

Gustavo Hamer

Coventry City Netherlands24-Jun-199725(337)
27-May-2023Elijah Adebayo

Elijah Adebayo

Luton Town England07-Jan-199825(140)
27-May-2023Ben Sheaf

Ben Sheaf

Coventry City England05-Feb-199825(111)
27-May-2023Viktor Gyokeres

Viktor Gyokeres

Coventry City Sweden04-Jun-199824(357)
16-May-2023Allan Campbell

Allan Campbell

Luton Town Scotland04-Jul-199824(316)
27-May-2023Gabriel Osho

Gabriel Osho

Luton Town England14-Aug-199824(286)
17-May-2023Riley McGree

Riley McGree

Middlesbrough Australia02-Nov-199824(196)
17-May-2023Marcus Forss

Marcus Forss

Middlesbrough Finland18-Jun-199923(333)
27-May-2023Luke McNally

Luke McNally

Coventry City Republic of Ireland20-Sep-199923(249)
27-May-2023Alfie Doughty

Alfie Doughty

Luton Town England21-Dec-199923(157)
17-May-2023Ryan Giles

Ryan Giles

Middlesbrough England26-Jan-200023(111)
27-May-2023Josh Eccles

Josh Eccles

Coventry City England06-Apr-200023(50)
16-May-2023Anthony Patterson

Anthony Patterson

Sunderland England10-May-200023(5)
27-May-2023Jonathan Panzo

Jonathan Panzo

Coventry City England25-Oct-200022(214)
16-May-2023Jack Clarke

Jack Clarke

Sunderland England23-Nov-200022(174)
16-May-2023Niall Huggins

Niall Huggins

Sunderland Wales18-Dec-200022(149)
17-May-2023Cameron Archer

Cameron Archer

Middlesbrough England21-Jul-200121(300)
14-May-2023Isaiah Jones

Isaiah Jones

Middlesbrough England08-Aug-200121(279)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).